Everyone Has Already Gone Mobile, Have You?



Face the facts, the world is going digital. Are you onboard or jumping ship?



Eventually, the need for wallets, keys, identification would be virtually available on our devices making it easier for consumers to have their belongings with them at all times. Restaurants are adopting the new mobile and digital trend with confidence and great expectations within the near future. Currently, 71% of restaurants have a mobile web presence and 35% have a mobile application; with these numbers growing well beyond their current points, we can see the possibility of new consumer-based features in our near future.

Not to mention the release of ApplePay, mobile payment is on its way to skyrocketing and becoming the #1 method of payment in 2015. As of yet, 15% of restaurants accept this payment process, but it is expected to reach over 65% within the next year. Are you ready?

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