10 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Marketing

Mobile advertising is the fastest growing part of the ad industry, with a staggering increase of 142% from 2011 to 2013 - but how do marketers benefit from them?

Audience: Who are you targeting, specifically? Mobile Video Ads: Rich formats are much more inviting and effective than plain ole banners. Apps vs Mobile Web: in-app ads are much more clickable than your average banners. Behavior: the more apps a user downloads, the more 'personality' they store on their device. Screen Size: Bigger, is always better. Geotargeting: Advertisers can push related ads toward a targeted group. Beacons: nearby mobile users get real-time, real-location updates. Interactivity: a handset's capability is the key. Measurement: where exactly are these demographics coming from? Personalization: How to target to all of your consumers needs.

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