5 Chains That WILL Outperform Competitors

With Americans eating out on an average of 74 times a year, the restaurant sector is getting crazy competitive. But who will take majority? Those brands that are attracting and maintaining millennials are those that are sure to outperform the competition. But who are they.....



1. Starbucks. By selling health and lifestyle products, as well as their new mobile payment app, the millennial attraction rate is high, very high.

2. Chipotle. Locally-sourced ingredients wins millennials, everytime.

3. Domino's. Mobile and online technology investments has set this brand to become the world's hottest pizza chain. Who would've thought?

4. Panera Bread. In-store kiosk ordering, pick-up and mobile ordering has changed Panera's strategy, and brought in the dough (no puns).

5. Buffalo Wild Wings. Tablet ordering and payment, oh yeah, and let's not forget B-Dubs radio... What.

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