RSMI Top 10 Restaurant Brand Rankings Welcomes New Contenders

ChipotleKing (2).jpg

The Q4 2013 Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI) data is officially in, and, as usual, there are quite a few notable brands that have shifted in the rankings. Back in Q3, we reported that Chipotle stole the throne from Taco Bell in the Overall Top 250 list, and that still remains. But two restaurant brands finally made their way into the Top 10, kicking off Sonic and Jimmy John’s. Check out the full Top 10 list below.

How It Works

The RSMI, owned by digital agency DigitalCoCo, is a social media index with domain expertise that tracks three main elements — influence, sentiment and engagement — across 17 social platforms. Currently, the Index tracks more than 56 million U.S. social restaurant consumers in more than 212,000 locations. Aside from the Overall Top 250, the RSMI filters data into four specific categories each quarter. For Top Mobile Brands, we filter mobile social transactions and look at how mobile interactions impact brand engagement. Top Social Sentiment focuses on consumer sentiment toward brands, and is based on our more than 147,000 key industry terms revolving around food, service and overall brand. Read More for the Full List