Farmed and Dangerous: Dangerous for Chipotle?

Photo Credit: Facebook 

Photo Credit: Facebook 

By Paul Barron, CEO/Founder of DigitalCoCo, Foodable WebTV & the Restaurant Social Media Index

I am one of the biggest proponents of restaurants taking a dip into content development to deliver a message. The value of original content from brands has an unknown effect and performance that can impact a brand in many ways. The recent “Farmed and Dangerous” WebTV series featured on Hulu and YouTube is pulling out all the stops, with features from up-and-coming artistRae (and some interesting dancer selections). Then you have Buck Marshall, an intriguing character that deserves an Emmy for his performance on the ‘Say No To GMO’ videos. He is sporting over 2,400 Twitter followers and seems to keep pace with the Twitter trolls with snarky comebacks, stats and info loaded with links.

Biting Into the Competition

Chipotle is taking a hard stance with hits on McDonald’s, Tyson Foods and just about every major food provider in the industrial agriculture game. Snappy scripts even poking fun at its own brand and marketing position is placing the series at the top of intrigue for me. While I am unsure of the long-term intent of Chipotle, the short-term impact of this new campaign is already showing some evidence of consumer confusion. Read More