A Small Audience Makes a Big Difference in Your Restaurant Social Media

I recently read a shocking statistic:  4.7% of your customers generate 100% of your online Word of Mouth.  At first glance that number is staggering – at second glance the possibilities are.

What does this mean for your restaurant social media? It means that it means something, so don’t give up! If you see that the same circle of customers likes or shares your posts over and over again that doesn’t mean others aren’t hearing your message – it means those socially engaged customers are the ones helping you spread the word.  And that means opportunity for you.  These customers are your biggest advocates, the ones that will market your restaurant for you – not for “free stuff,” but because they truly love you. These are the customers you should focus more effort into, not less. Make it personal.


How do you extend their reach and make their voice louder?  Give them something to talk about! They have shown a propensity to interact with your content, so give them more to talk about. Be sure your social media channels are active and that you are responding to all comments online. And then get to know them – send your biggest advocates a personal message, invite them in or give them something. A gesture is nice, an experience is memorable, but something unique and personal is buzz-worthy.  Feature them on your social media (with their permission), they’ll be sure to share it. Create a unique “thank you” catered to their needs and they’ll be sure to tell the world what happens when the world talks about you.  And that creates more advocates for your brand. Read More