How Data Visualization Helped Me Run Faster

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Editor - we are always seeking ways to help foodservice operators understand how big data can be used - and hope it helps to look at methods outside of hospitality.

Could you use a data visualization lift in your life and work?

I never thought I'd be that guy who tracks his fitness data. But a few months ago I tapped on the Nike+ app on my iPod Nano and after about a mile I was a running data junkie.

The lure of easy information sucked me in. I now knew -- through a simple app UI and voice prompts -- my average pace per mile, distance, time, and calories burned for every run. How had I spent all those years slogging through my runs unquantified? 

Of course, just knowing basic numbers wasn't enough if I wanted to run faster, which is really the point. What got me hooked is how the Nike+ website and mobile app crunch those numbers for me and display them in such a powerful way. To understand the data -- and to really get addicted to the data, enough to change my behavior -- I need to see it. Read More..