Why Location Intelligence is Not Part of Everyone’s Business & The Pathetic State of Dashboards

Editor - A rather technical article, and deep dive into Location Based Actions data and how this data is consumed by organizations.

Few market reseachers have the insights about how businesses use technology than Mark Smith (@marksmithvr) chief research officer and founder of Ventana Research. And, for good measure, his experience in the applications of GIS in business are unmatched, which is why his opinions, provided by way of his keynote at the MapInfo Users Conference, held last week in Memphis, are so compelling.

He began his comments by way of suggesting that most of today's technology in use by businesses touch an entire suite of enterprise wide applications and processes but most of the methods they are exploring do not engage location technology.  He said that visualization is driving a lot of the technological advancements and its forcing software vendors to put money into visualization solutions. But, excluding the issue location technology ignorance, there is a problem. Read More..