Using Your Company Instagram #Hashtags To Your Advantage




Stemming from Twitter to Facebook and Instagram, hashtags have quickly expanded across all social media platforms connecting the digital world. Using your hashtags in your small business can expand your reach across these platforms, obtaining maximum marketing potential and brand recognition.

#But #do #you #know #how #to #use #hashtags #properly?

THINK LIKE A CONSUMER. Not only are we dreamers, creators, innovators and believers (No, I did not say Beilieber) but we consume products and services in our daily lives. If YOU were looking for products or services similar to what your company offers, how would YOU as a consumer search for it??

By using the popular symbol to promote your brand you can introduce your restaurant to a larger population of consumers. Thanks to hashtags, we are able to gain a wider reach in different markets as well as our current one. 

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