4 Signs To Invest In Restaurant Social Media

Social Media

It's 2014 people! Jump on the Social Bandwagon and let's get tweeting! 

You may have the hottest menu in town, and think that your 'regular' customers are just enough, but don't you want more? Social Media seems overrated and 'tweeting' or 'liking' just sounds plain silly. But these silly social interactions are proven to gain more business. 

Let's say Sally just had dinner with Jack at Tasty restaurant. They had the juiciest, most delicious burgers they have ever tasted, and guess what.. They want to brag about it. Without social media, they would never be able to express their new-found love for your Tasty Burger across social platforms, which would potentially reach thousands of consumers. Instead, Sally and Jack kept quiet, never revealing their hidden Tasty treasure. Social Media sounds not so silly now, doesn't it.

See if these 4 signs sound familiar to your restaurant.