The Big Deal On Big Data, And Where To Find It



Editors note: DigitalCoCo's Restaurant Social Media Index uses a unique model making us the go-to source for social consumer and brand intelligence in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Through four major steps: Sentiment, Competition Comparison, Engagement, and Location-Based Actions, the RSMI is a tool to discover areas of enhancement, develop consumer connections, and create an overall better business performance for your company. What can the RSMI do for you? 

While the term "Big Data" may sound vague and confusing, it can provide restaurants with a whole new world of possibilities, as long as you know where to find it. Whether you want to sustain your current customer-base or greatly push business forward, Big Data can help build restaurant brands through social media and other digital outlets. There are 9 key places to find and access big data:

  • Archives
  • Docs
  • Media
  • Business Apps
  • Social Media
  • Public Web
  • Data Storage
  • Machine Log Data
  • Sensor Data

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