Facebook Notes vs. Medium: Is Imitation the Sincerest Form of Flattery?

By: Myriam Rofrano, Social Media Coordinator 

Take note, netizens. Do you utilize Facebook Notes as much as you should? Even though Facebook hasn't promoted it much until its latest update, this feature has been around since 2008.

However, its first days didn't gain much momentum due to its lack of visual appeal and the fact that competing blog platforms were easier to navigate and had better aesthetics. Facebook’s experimental update on Notes seems to have gotten some positive attention. You now have the ability to write and post nicely-formatted long posts with images.

The new Facebook Notes is a much cleaner look, allowing the user to bold, italicize, underline and more. However many industry experts are saying Facebook took a page right out of the Medium handbook on this one.

In other Social Media news this week, Medium has just announced that it has closed a new $57-million round of funding, led by none other than Andreessen Horowitz, who did a similar-sized round for Buzzfeed last year. The question everyone's asking is: Did Facebook try and copy Mediums successful template? We have provided an example of both below.

Medium, founded by former Twitter CEO Evan Williams in 2010, has become the leading platform for web publishing. Medium has moved away from individually-hosted blogs and evolved into the biggest distributed media platform. With the success of Medium, it has become apparent Facebook wants to become a distributed media platform in a similar way Medium is. In an effort to set itself apart, Facebook is working on a new project which requests news outlets to upload their stories directly to Facebook, onto a feature called “Instant Articles.” The Washington Post recently said it was on board and is  going to be posting all of its stories to Facebook.

Even with Facebook’s new notes redesign and its partnering with media companies, it doesn’t ensure it will be able to attract the readers and partners it wants to. What will the future of Facebook Notes hold?

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