LinkedIn Wants to Help You Find Employees

By: Myriam Rofrano, Social Media Coordinator

Social media has become a huge tool when hiring employees — on both the hiring and applying end. Whether you are checking out a potential employee on Facebook or posting a job opening on LinkedIn, it has become an integral part of the job search process.

LinkedIn has been the go-to social network for professionals by being an online resume that employers can look at. Now with LinkedIn’s recent acquisition of Careerify, a recruitment site using technology to help employers connect with the right employee, the social platform has revamped its referral service. It is now easier than ever to track whether or not a candidate applied, completed an interview or received a job offer. 

LinkedIn Referrals

Most recruiters agree the best candidates are employee referrals. They tend to be an overall better fit, take less time to hire and perform higher. Unfortunately, most companies struggle to get employees to make referrals. With this problem in its sights, LinkedIn is pleased to announce its solution. The new referral product makes it easier than ever to find quality employees. It works by taking first-degree connections who are a match for your particular jobs search. Employees can then see their connections who are matches and can refer for open positions through InMail or email.

With a small annual fee, LinkedIn Referrals can also provide powerful insights into tracking referrals, measure engagement and ROI, as well as send customized messages to employees thanking them for the referral.

LinkedIn Recruiters

But wait, there's more! In addition to the site recreating its referral service, it has added LinkedIn Recruiter, a new feature that rolled out in early November. Employers will have an easier time finding the new perfect hire using their existing employee base. With this more efficient search option, all recruiters will need to do is enter their star employees' names and they will be presented with a search string based off the employees' credentials. They can then go in and edit the list as they see fit, allowing them to quickly identify which members are a match. 

If employers don't want to base their search on an employee name, they can also search different terms to create their recruiting list.. LinkedIn will then use data from the social network and provide a list of potential hires from top schools with top skills.

With all the new features to look out for this November, applying and hiring new employees will be easier than ever. So, what are you waiting for? Go get started. 

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