Why Millennials Are Loving Shake Shack

Shake Shack is a prime example of the rise of fast casual through social media. Millennials have abandoned the traditional fast food stops (McDonald's and Burger King) and are gravitating to the Chipotle's and Panera's. This generation cares about sustainability, health and ethics and they want the places they eat to care too.  

Analysts suggest that Shake Shack's strong social media presence has greatly contributed to the brand's success. In terms of numbers, Shake Shack doesn't have the largest following but it has by far the largest audience for its size. The gourmet burger fast casual has 155,000 followers, while McDonald's has 491,000. But keep in mind that Shake Shack has only 40 stores compared to McDonald's which has 500,000. Through engagement on Twitter, the company is building a loyal fan base. The power of a simple retweet will keep them coming back and gives diners a true sense of loyalty to the brand. Shake Shack is known for consistent engagement, always listening and responding to what their customers have to say. They also have been successful in running various contests and promotions that target the younger demographic. In addition to being at the top of their social media game, they partner with local charities and offer quality food at competitive prices. Read more about why Millennials are loving this fast casual that is setting Wall Street on fire.