The Marketing Data Tools You Need To Know, If You Don't Already...

  • Google Analytics is the most popular and used website for statistics. It is one of the first analytics websites and has evolved a lot since its early days.  This is a great tool to use to understand traffic and what people are doing on your site. It can track visitors from search engines, social networks, direct visits and referring sites.   
  • Intercom is mostly known for being a tool for conversing with users, sending targeted email, in-app messages and real time messages. It is very easy and user friendly and can provide valuable data insights. You can get a look into the most active users and market to various consumers appropriately.
  • Qualaroo offers non-intrusive on page site surveys which allow businesses to get immediate feedback from their customers. The survey can be set up with any kind of question you want to ask your audience. There are capabilities of targeting certain sections of traffic like frequent visitors or customers who meet certain criteria.  Read More