Even "Boring" Brands Can Have Social Media Success

It is consistently being proven on Social Media that a company doesn't necessarily have to be "exciting" to gain a following. This just means the brand has to get creative. It's not so much about the actual products or services your company provides, but rather the community you build around the brand. This is what the company 3M is doing and with 121,000 Twitter followers they are crushing the myth that "boring" brands cannot have followers. You may not be familiar with 3M by name but you know its products- Post Its, Ace Bandages, Scotchgard along with a variety of industrial products.

3M uses Twitter as a way to teach their customers about the science and technology behind their products. They've noticed that the more knowledge the consumers have, the more brand loyalty they have. It's not about the products, its about education and science. They consistently engage their followers and ask questions which has given them tremendous success. A simple question of "what does science mean to you" spawned over 200 retweets and 500 favorites. Read More