How the Restaurant Industry is Harnessing Big Data

Technology continues to invade both the front and back of the house of restaurants. Big data is now being collected from multiple sources, including POS terminals and social media outlets. The analysis of this collected information is not only being used to better understand guests, but also to make operational decisions. For example, the social data collected by Dinner Lab- the "social dining experiment" is used by the chefs that cook at the pop-up dinners. The social data collected after the pop-up event is how they get feedback on their dishes and then incorporate it into their restaurant's menus. Mobile payments and mobile delivery allow for restaurants to keep track of what their loyal following is ordering. For example, Panera customizes their rewards based on what the guest has ordered previously. So if a user repetitively orders their "pick two" menu option, they may potentially get $2 off a pick two in the near future. These personalized rewards are one of the ways that the brand validates their customer.

This data is also being used to measure staff performance– specifically with the data pulled from POS terminals, operators can track which employees are selling the most specials or which receive the highest tips.

We completely understand the power of big data- RSMI has indexed over 225 million consumers globally– making this the largest restaurant data set available. We have analyze over 15,000 foodservice brands globally and have broken the data down in our RSMI reports. This information has provided crucial business intelligence to billion dollar brands to smaller brands with only a few units. 

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