Twitter Opens Direct Messaging

Once upon a time (well, only about 10 days ago) Twitter would only only allow you to direct message (DM) users who were following your account. That is no longer the case. However, users have to enable this feature in order to allow DMs from anyone. 

Although this has opened another door of communication, this could turn into a "slippery slope" if brands don't respect the user's privacy. Spamming excessive unwanted messages to users (even if they are your target customer) to push your product or brand, will more than likely detour the consumer. But on the flip side, brands and companies should enable these messages on their accounts. This is just another place where their customers can reach out privately and let's face it Twitter is a platform that millions are customers are comfortable with.

Do you think brands will use this feature inappropriately? Will this lead users to not use Twitter as regularly? Read More