Mobile App in Canada Aims to End Lunchtime Lineups

A college student in Toronto created a solution to deal with the long lines he would encounter trying to grab food in between classes. Always a believer in technology and fascinated by the convenience of mobile, Kabir Daswani founded Grabb, the mobile app that is taking the Toronto food app scene by storm. To avoid lines, users can pre-order and pre-pay with the app and they'll receive a notification when their food is ready for pick up. Approximate wait time is available in the app and access to where you are in the "virtual queue", how many people are using the app ahead of you. Currently, the app partners with about 30 Toronto restaurants including both large establishments and smaller local spots. Daswani has had a positive experience securing clients due to restaurant owners openness to technology. In order to stay relevant with Millennials, its not just about the food anymore. Branding and services that can be accessed with smartphones is just as important as what consumers are eating. Read More