Using Location-Based Data to Your Advantage and Other Insights from the LSA's 2015 Conference

Mobile phones are so much more than a device to make our lives easier. They are no longer known as cell phones, but rather smartphones and mobile devices because they serve a countless number of functions. According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, 46% of smartphone users say that this device is something "they couldn't live without." This may sound a bit dramatic, but these devices have become merely extensions of ourselves. With that being said– this has created a rather distracted consumer, but it has also created a rather accessible one for brands. 

Because these devices are glued to consumers, this mean brands can track their customer's behaviors and target new customers in the most accurate way possible through location-based data. An effective way to collect this data is through VenueBeacon. These are devices placed near the POS system. Once a customer is within the 2 inches and as far as 200 feet of the beacon, this device can collect valuable information from their mobile devices– such as their search history, purchase history, frequency of visits, and more. 

And even though targeting new customers has become easier, this means brands should be even more careful to push effective and relevant content. The more personalized, the better. Read More