Tabletop Tech Improves the Restaurant Industry

Customers want a stress-free experience when they go out to eat. They want quality service and expect efficiency from their waiter/waitress. On a busy Friday night, service tends to be a little slower. Making it longer for customers to place their orders, receive their food, and pay to leave. But that's not that case anymore. Thanks to technology, customer to server relationships are beginning to wither away in hopes to increase customer satisfaction.

A new point-of-sale system being used is called RAIL. It's a digital checkbook that runs on Wi-Fi. So when guests receive it, they get their itemized receipt right away and can pay the bill immediately. Or maybe they prefer to use their own system of payment. TabbedOut and Zapper allows customers to use their mobile app to pay their tabs directly from their device. They could also be faced with a tablet at the table. This will ensure a customer's security, as well as enhance the speed at which the restaurant runs. How it works is fairly simple. The option of viewing the menu is right there. After that, placing the order. When the meal comes to an end, instead of having to wait for their credit cards to process, customers pay immediately at the table without their card ever leaving their hand. Read More.