Tweeting Emojis to Order Food


New month, new ideas? June just started and we have a new online ordering system to look forward too. Fooji (Food and emoji combined) is launching this month, allowing consumers to tweet the food emoji they're in the mood for @gofooji and have it delivered to them. The company was founded by two employees for WeStyle, style advice app, Gregg Morton and Erik Zamudio. 

The consumer creates an account that is linked to their twitter handle, they tweet the emoji, then Fooji will go ahead and select a local restaurant. Since the tweets will not include any writing, Fooji chooses where the food will be ordered from based off the top rated restaurants. A visit on the companies website reveals that all meals cost $15 and the consumer has no say on where they want the food to come from. So no preferences can be made, even for those who are allergic to certain foods. Now if you check out your emoji keyboard, you'll notice that we have a very limited amount of food emojis. Not to worry! Last week, Unicode announced 38 new emojis will be developed and designed to come out in 2016. Fooji is set to launch this month in New York City and hopefully expand to other cities. Read More.