Dickey's BBQ Pitt: Barbecue and Big Data

Barbecue and big data? Yes that's right. Dickey's Barbecue Pitt has mashed together two completely opposite topics so that they could increase sales and customer understanding. With the help from iOLAP, big data and business intelligence service providers, they were able to bring forth a proprietary system called Smoke Stack. Smoke Stack uses the data from point-of-sale system, marketing, loyalty programs, surveys, and inventory to provide feedback from sales and performance.

Data is looked at every 20 minutes in order to make decisions more efficiently. Dickey's use of big data has helped them choose exactly what items to place on the menus. All the analytics used has improved the restaurant's performance. Following these five metrics: sales, simplicity of preparation, profitability, quality, and brand. If all targets are met, they become the permanent fixtures for which ever one of the 514 restaurants they operate. iOLAP has delivered the data framework behind Dickey's big data operation. As CIO Laura Rea Dickey said, "We've been very fortunate in finding an excellent partner, and being able to pull together technology that's really met our needs - we've made barbecue and big data a kind of strange reality." Read More.