Facebook Is Useful For Restaurant Operators

In this digital space, does privacy really exist anymore? With social media platforms available to everyone, a simple post, can reach anyone. 

A recent post by a restaurant manager in Ohio may inspire other operators to do the same thing. Two men decided they'd do an old hit-and-run on his restaurant Crop Bistro and Bar. Both suspects, who were later found to be brothers, have done this more than once. They dined and ditched at five different restaurants in the matter of two days. Steve Schimoler, owner and chef at Crop Bistro and Bar, wasn't going to let this go. As a warning to other local restaurants, he posted a photo of the men on Facebook. The following day, at an attempt of leaving without paying, David Flower, Johnny's general manager, saw the post from Schimoler the day before and that helped him quickly identify the two men. With that one simple post, word got around and those suspects can say good-bye to dining out in Ohio for good. Read More.