CMO: Social Data and Branding

Today's CMO better be a social one and we don't mean a talker. We obviously mean that they are a social guru. Social has become the forum to promote a brand's news, awareness, to share content marketing, and for a few, commerce. Like most things, to make a successful marketing campaign, it takes planning. The social CMO will find success from the early days of promoting, to the big launch, and far past the settlement. 

When using data gathered from social platforms, the CMO should determine which online platform is best to engage the target audience. This is where you can test your audience. How are they responding to this product? Are they excited for the launch? What about once it is out on the market- how are they enjoying it? What is the social feedback? Use social to listen to your customer and quickly adapt with this feedback in mind. For example, one of the biggest complaints at the restaurant Olive Garden was about the slower casual dining service and how it was not an option for a work lunch. That is why they launched "Pronto Lunch" to appeal to the consumers' demand of quicker speed of service and customization. Social has become a channel for your customers to give their brutally honest opinion. Embrace it and respond quickly. A recent study showed that 53 percent of customers who asked a brand a question on Twitter expect a response back within an hour - rising to 72 percent if it's a complaint. 

Using your social data as an insight for strategic decision making and action will help differentiate the social CMO from the average marketer. Which category do you fall in? Read More