TGI Friday's: Bring in The Millennials

The need for millennials attention is on high demand. TGI Friday's might win this battle with one simple request: a tweet for a burger. That's right! It's that simple. On Wednesday, July 8, any customer at any location who orders a hamburger will redeem a code to share on social-media. The first person who clicks on the link and gets the code first will get a free burger!

Social media is very vital for restaurants looking to sway in a younger audience and bring in customer traffic. Restaurants like Denny's use Twitter as a way to increase sales with their humorous tweets, Chili's has improved the look of their dishes for more Instagram worthy images and Taco Bell's mobile ordering app has brought prominent results for the chains business.

Last July, Friday's made headlines when they offered $10 unlimited appetizers. Millennials everywhere were sharing and tagging endless photos. What did that promotion do for the restaurant? Lets just say millennials were 32 percent of Friday's guest that summer. That was prior to being 20 percent before the promotion hit. Will this new tactic have better results? How does free burgers affect revenue?

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