Social Media Etiquette you Need to Know

By Myriam Rofrano, Social Media Coordinator

With the explosion of social media in the past 10 years, many questions have come to light. The first and main question being: What is the proper etiquette for the social media world?  Below we have the unwritten rules for a brand or individual when representing a business.

  1. The Golden Rule - Who remembers being in kindergarten and learning about this golden rule? We do. Do onto others as you would want them to do onto you. Fast forward to 2015, a time when cyber-trolls are everywhere and no one seems to remember their Ps and Qs. With millions of profiles online, you need to find a way to stand out. Thank your followers who are constantly retweeting your social pushes. Don't be afraid to follow back. Show appreciation and kindness. A little goes a lone way.

  2. Think before you post - The Internet is forever. Once it's out in cyberspace, viewers can screenshot and have proof. People will remember. Draft your posts before sending them out through the digital landscape.  

  3. Don’t overshare - Let’s be honest. No one wants to know what you’re doing every minute of everyday. Same goes for your business! While sharing your business' promotions and causes is a great thing, consumers can be irritated when they see their timelines are being flooded or spammed by one brand or person. 

Spending time building connections with your followers is important to any thriving business. Remember these tips and you are well on your way to a great foundation for social media success!

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