Twitter + Google = the Newest Power Couple

By Myriam Rofrano, Social Media Coordinator

Twitter is known for many things in the cyber-world, and is known for having the ability to not only break news, but to also keep up with real-time updates. Google noticed Twitter’s triumphs back in February, and we started seeing tweets appearing in mobile search results in May. Now, alas! We have this ability for desktop. You can now see the latest tweets alongside of Google’s lists of matches.

While Google is still the No.1 search engine, Twitter is the No.1 site to break news on, and often mends the gaps between news sites and social networks. Many have said Twitter never sleeps, and in this generation of millennials, entrepreneurs, and the always-on-the-go business worker, information that is a few hours old can become out-dated very quickly. 

The geniuses behind Google saw the potential of Twitter and swept in to create this matrimony of information. The murmurs of Google buying Twitter in its entirety has been whispers of the industry for years, although it doesn’t look to be happening anytime too soon, this joining of information is a major milestone.

People can now search for Twitter accounts, hashtags or trending topics in Google’s search box. What could this mean for the food industry? First, if your restaurant has a Twitter page (which is highly recommended), your page will pop up when consumers search for similar key words or hashtags. This will not only help for for brand recognition, but also with the right social strategy, you could potentially raise your following and customer base. 

How will these two digital giants evolve from this point on?

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