Fast Casual 2.0

The fast-casual concept is the brainchild of Chipotle, who we have come to know today as the biggest player in the segment. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, and when it comes to fast-casual there are many. However, one player is making waves into what could be the next big phase in the fast-casual world, Fast Casual 2.0.

Who is pioneering this new wave of fast-casual? Enter Num Pang. Num Pang is a Cambodian banh mi sandwich concept with chef-inspired components. This New York City based shop has managed to fill the gap between fast-casual and full service dining, but how?

By removing the assembly line and bringing more upscale menu items, along with an expanded service model that could be a recipe for success. Num Pang has succeeded in stealing the hearts of New Yorker’s with its originality. With eight locations in New York and food quality par to fine-dining, this Fast-casual 2.0 is making a name for itself in the Big Apple!

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