How Consumers Using Facebook Professional Services Affects Your Business

By: Myriam Rofrano, Social Media Coordinator & Brand Analyst

Facebook  as a social media platform is like a fine wine — it has only improved with age. With each update, Facebook adds features, that if you maximize and adjust to your current strategies, can better your business.  When it comes to your brand, you want to make sure your ideal customer can easily find and connect with your page, and Facebook has just made that easier than ever. Introducing: Facebook Professional Services.

What is it?

Facebook Professional Services is, in a sense, a search engine inside Facebook for local businesses and consumers.  Its purpose is to help connect customers with their local, top-rated businesses by using keywords based on the specific product or function they are looking for. Social media marketing expert Mari Smith predicts that over time,  this new function  could become the new Yelp.

How can you benefit?

Using these tips and tricks you can help polish your already existing Facebook Page, or help you finetune your new, perfect page, all while generating more consumer visibility to your brand. These tips will also help improve your restaurant's visibility to local customers. Here are 4 easy ways to get noticed on Facebook:

1. Categorize Your Business

If you own a bar, choose bar. Simple enough! To make sure your local customers can find your establishment, use keywords and categories your customers would use.

2. The More Info, The Better!

Just making a Facebook page doesn’t guarantee success.  Make it easy for customers to reach out to your business. Provide basic information and more, including contact info, business hours and a short, killer description to sell your brand.

3. Encourage Check-ins, Rating and Reviews

Positive check-ins, ratings and reviews can only help better your Facebook page! Encourage your regulars and all guests alike to interact with your brand online by enticing them with special offers and exclusive content, which will result in shares and likes, and ultimately improve your reach and visibility. Facebook also  provides images to help customize signage for your local business, so take advantage of all of its functions

Discover the full list of tips to help elevate your page to the top of the search list here.