Competitive Data

Competitive data (business intelligence) is crucial in today’s rapidly changing digital brand environment.

Business Intelligence Products

With more than 100 standardized Data Credentials available, and the ability to query any intelligence question, we provide the following to busy foodservice executives.

SI Competitive Quarterly Report

Discover your position against known and unknown competitors. Our intelligence research provides busy foodservice executives, industry experts and journalists the opportunity to know what consumers say about brands, identifying strategic and tactical strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


Social Insights Brand Quarterly Report

Discover what consumers say about your brand. Our intelligence services scrape social conversations (pure, unsolicited consumer conversations) from 17 social networks, several layers deep. We cull this data into quarterly Social Insights that provides actionable intelligence for all brand departments – communications, operations, development, customer service and procurement. Included in the SI Brand Quarterly Report is a Top 5 social competitive positioning and location-based action tracking (VenueTrak) rollup.


VenueTrak Locations Quarterly Report

Measuring “butts in seats” is the true ROI and ROR (return on relationships) metric in digital brand development. How do your digital and in-store campaigns track with location-based actions (visits, returns, referrals, consumer sentiment and conversations)? VenueTrak is the first and most comprehensive data pull for the hospitality industry, available at system-wide, MSA and DMA levels (even granular to unit levels).



Mobile Quarterly Report

Industry projections across the board predict that over 75% of US consumers will have and use smartphones by 2014. How does the evolution of digital branding to the mobile environment impact your brand? How does it impact your competitive landscape? Our mobile report provides strategic and tactical analyses and business intelligence that help determine communications, operations and customer service strategies and tactics.