Credentials are our own set of business intelligence units that result in report building that is targeted to your business, its consumers, and your competitors. Credentials fall into more than a dozen categories, like Demographic, Geographic, Psychographic, Cross-Competitive, Location, Mobile, Platforms, and Interests. DigitalCoCo identifies more than 100 Credentials that can drill down to actionable data for your business.

Here are a few examples:

Key Term Analysis - Clear key term analysis or discovered key terms is a revealing process that helps your brand understand and learn what terms and interest areas are being explored by your audience, as well as those of your identified competitors.

Demographic Analysis - Understanding how specific demographics interact with your brand and potentially cross over to other brands that are similar. Interests, Location, Mobile and Engagement can enhance this credential to fit your business.

Location-Based Analysis - Breaking down location-based actions (LBA's) by location, DMA or systemwide rollup over a quarter or monthly. This credential can also provide cross-competitive LBA analysis to report frequency and demographic data in comparison to your competitors.