FDMS Session Speaker Outline

Designing for Mobile Engagement

Speakers: Natalie Gourvitch, Business Development Manager at Squarespace; Steve Heeley, CEO at Earl of Sandwich
Moderator: Jessica Bryant, Sr. Digital Brand Analyst at DigitalCoCo

Session Outline: More consumers than ever before are now using mobile and tablet devices to access content and to engage with brands. In today’s market, brands who aren't positioning themselves on these on-the-go platforms are quickly falling behind. This session showcases the importance of responsive design and how your brand can adopt this multi-platform strategy.

Key Audience Questions & Takeaways:

  • Mobile is an extremely important marketing element. How is your brand using mobile/tablet devices to engage with consumers?
  • What type of mobile format is your brand using - native app, responsive design, etc.? What are the benefits?
  • As far as consumer demographics go, who do you find is most commonly engaging with your brand via these mobile devices?
  • Specific examples of how mobile/responsive design has worked for your brand?

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