FDMS Session Speaker Outline

Afternoon Keynote: Digital Generations

Speakers: Louis Basile, Founder & President of Wildflower Bread Company & son  Zach Basile; Mark Bucher, Founder of BGR: The Burger Joint & daughter Madilyn  Bucher; Allen Fazio, VP of Business Technology Strategic Planning - Themeparks &  Resorts at The Walt Disney Company & daughter Ashley Fazio
Moderator:  Paul Barron

Session Outline: Social and digital media have changed, and continue to change, our  approach to business and communication at a rapid pace. With different points of view and a  different relationship with technology - for example, Millennials don't remember a time when  there were no cell phones, and will probably never understand what “around the water cooler  means;” Gen Xers grew up with one foot in upcoming technology and one foot in traditional  media; and Baby Boomers have been forced to adopt these technological advances with the rise  of it - this session will give insight into how different generations approach social and digital  technologies in relation to the overall restaurant experience.

Key Audience Takeaways:

  • What type of smartphones do you use? What do you use your smartphones for when it  comes to food?
  • Where do you get your best information from and who influences you? (i.e. word of  mouth, text, media, friends)
  • What differentiates a restaurant to you in terms of their digital actions? What are  restaurants doing from a digital perspective that impress/don’t impress you?

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