FDMS Session Speaker Outline

From Presentation to Participation: The Power of Interactive Content

Speakers: Marcie Everett, Sr. Marketing Manager of Social & Digital Media at Red Robin
Moderator:  PENDING

Session Outline: Not only are brands now expected to act as publishers, but providing quality content has become imperative. In this new digital era, brand value stems from an added element of that content – consumer participation. Millennials want to be part of a brand, not simply watching from the sidelines. Whether it’s a simple campaign or complex gamification, brands must continue to incorporate other dimensions into their brand strategy in order to stay relevant. Find out what some of the best brands are doing to integrate not only valuable content, but a more hands-on approach to it.

Key Audience Takeaways:

  • We know content is the future of social brand marketing and storytelling. How does a brand decipher what great storytelling is versus just a content collector?
  • What’s your brand’s current content strategy?
  • What are some of the pros and cons of involving your consumers in interactive content? Do you have any specific examples of how it’s helped or hurt the brand?

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