2012-13 Sandwich Power Segment Report


2012-13 Sandwich Power Segment Report

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This report and others are provided by DigitalCoCo with the data sets included from the Restaurant Social Media Index with more than 4,400 brands tracked and more than 41 million consumers participating in restaurant social trends. In this report, we take a look into the sandwich segment, America's favorite comfort food.

In this report, you will learn:

  • Which generation is dominating the influence of food trends, including sandwiches?
  • The Top 20 Sandwich Chains consumers are engaging with most on social
  • The Top 5 Sandwich Chains that are steering the rest of the industry
  • Today's sandwich and burger innovators
  • Emerging ethnic sandwich trends
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No matter how you slice it, there’s no denying that sandwiches are making a meaty comeback. Ask any foodie who celebrates November 3rd, a day that has been dubbed National Sandwich Day. (November 3rd is the 4th Earl of Sandwich’s birthday, who didn’t actually invent the sandwich, but was the closest to it, as slated by historical records.) This American staple offers plenty of room for diversity and variation, which may be why the sandwich segment is the most recommended restaurant segment overall. Heavy growth on occasions and referral put the sandwich category at No. 1. Chefs have undoubtedly caught onto this, adding their own panache and pizzazz to America’s favorite comfort food.