The 2013 Casual Dining Social 100 Report


The 2013 Casual Dining Social 100 Report

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This report and others are provided by DigitalCoCo with the data sets included from the Restaurant Social Media Index with more than 3,000 brands and 35 million consumers participating in restaurant social trends.  In this report we dive into consumer sentiment around food, service and brand to explore the top guns that are causing consumers to fall in love.

 Read even more in this report:

  • Top 10 Most Loved Brands
  • Top geographic centers of social consumers in love with restaurants
  • Demographics of consumers that make dent in your business
  • Super Influencers and their impact on the restaurant business
  • Top 100 Ranking

This 16-page report is available for instant download in PDF format.

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Fast Casual has certainly given other segments in the restaurant industry a run for its  money within the past few years, and it’s no surprise that this segment has become the fastest-growing. The combination of fresh, made-to-order, customizable, and less costly food is more appealing in terms of healthier, transparent, and cost-saving options. But most recently, we’re seeing Casual Dining trends increase as well, with consumers visiting Casual restaurants even more than Fast Casuals, proving that competition can be a good thing.

In both the infographic and report below, we dive into Big Data extracted from the most influential social consumers in relation to the restaurant industry. The Casual Dining Consumer has been developed based on the habits and use of consumers that have a minimum of three digital engagements per month with a restaurant. The data below is based on 14.7 Million of these U.S. Consumers who engage with restaurants at least three times per month through a digital or social platform.