FDMS Session Speaker Outline

Location-Based Actions are the New Social Currency

Speakers: Asif Khan, Founder of LBMA; Eric Ozarowski, CMO at Nick's Pizza & Pub
Moderator: Paul Barron, CEO of DigitalCoCo

Session Outline: Location is a massive new frontier in developing not only ROI, but a clear strategy for every restaurant business for mobile, social and local. This session will break down the location-based actions that are on a blistering growth for 2013, and why Foursquare is no longer the location king. This session powers through the top performing brands and why they are winning the next digital war for the social consumer mind share.

Key Audience Questions & Takeaways:

  • What exactly is an LBA?
  • What are some of the top performing brands when it comes to location?
  • Why is Foursquare no longer the Location King? Across how many platforms can LBAs be measured?
  • Do you see location becoming less important as an action, in comparison to ambient (intended) actions?
  • As location data grows, do you see a future around how this can be evaluated in different ways? (i.e. PPE/price per engagement; average check; etc.)

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