FDMS Session Speaker Outline

Paying it Forward: A Wallet-Free Future

Speakers: Bob Watson, CEO of Sebastians
oderator: Michael Hagen, COO at LevelUp

Session Outline: Payments are not only going mobile, but some devices like Square Wallet are going wallet-free, making the payment process easy and hassle-free for consumers. How does this new consumer-facing technology affect the restaurant experience? Will the ? In this session, you'll get more insight into the digital dollar shift.

Key Audience Questions & Takeaways [for Brands That Have Implemented]:
  • How does your brand implement mobile payments?
  • What inspired you to make the decision to go wallet-free?
  • How do you see this technology affecting your guests’ restaurant experience?
  • If you had to guess, how much of your customer base has adopted this payment system with your brand?
  • In your experience, what are the pros and cons of going wallet-free?

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