The fall of Chipotle & Taco Bell brings a “Fresh” leader to No. 1 in RSMI Q1 2014

Looking back at data from the Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI) over the past year, it has become obvious that Taco Bell and Chipotle are top runners on social. The “Live Mas” brand claimed No. 1 status on our RSMI Overall Top 250 for both Q1 and Q2 of 2013, while Chipotle stole the top spot in Q3 and Q4. However, Q1 2014 data shows that both brands have taken a tumble, putting them in the bottom-half of the Top 10.

Chipotle replaces Taco Bell as top social brand

For the past two quarters, Taco Bell has held the Restaurant Social Media Index’s No. 1 spot on our Overall Top 250 list. The Live Mas brand unseated McDonald’s in Q1 2013. This quarter, however, several brands — including the No. 1 — have shifted. Chipotle took the top spot (up from No. 8 in Q2 2013) for the first time on the Overall Top 250.

2013 mobile social consumer trends

Every brand wants to be where its consumers are — that’s always been a fact. But a lot of business leaders are still hesitant to merge into mobile, the place most millennials and Baby Boomers are today — a trend that only seems to be progressing. As the dominant driving force of the market, millennials have gained a bad rep for “always” being on their phones, consumed in a virtual life versus making in-person connections.

Red Mango Founder Snags Digital Exec of the Year Award

The Restaurant Social Media Index recently recognized Red Mango founder Dan Kim with the 2013 Digital Executive of the Year award at the first-ever RIZMY Awards, presented at the Foodservice Technology Conference and Showcase NexGen conference in Phoenix.

Red Mango founder named 'Digital Executive of the Year'

The Restaurant Social Media Index recently recognized Red Mango founder Dan Kim with the 2013 Digital Executive of the Year award at the first ever RIZMY Awards, presented at the Foodservice Technology Conference and Showcase NexGen conference in Phoenix.

Red Mango® Founder Named Digital Executive of the Year at 2013 RIZMY Awards

The Restaurant Social Media Index recently recognized Red Mango Founder Dan Kim with the 2013 Digital Executive of the Year award at the first ever RIZMY Awards, presented at the Foodservice Technology Conference and Showcase NexGen conference in Phoenix.

The Social Chef is more than just a hashtag, it’s a way of business

Between the biggest social platforms — Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube – chefs now have the ability to reach thousands of consumers at one time, in one place. Some chefs share relevant food articles, some Instagram their succulent dishes (#foodporn), and others use their social platforms to unveil daily specials. The best social chefs do all of the above and more. They seek innovation to promote their work, and by doing so, create a brand for themselves. Needless to say, the Social Chef is a huge part of the foodservice industry for the New Age consumer.

Restaurant Digital Brand of the Year nominations are in

Make sure to practice your best Instagram pose and get those tweets ready — there’s a new awards ceremony in town! The RIZMY Awards, or RIZMYs for short, will showcase the best social and digital brands in the Restaurant & Hospitality industry. Think of it as the Emmys of the foodservice industry (but without the awkwardly long speeches and stiff dress codes).

Restaurant customers look beyond Facebook for social engagement

Latest Restaurant Social Media Index data shows Vine, Google+, YouTube gaining popularity

Restaurant customers are increasingly shifting their attention from Facebook and Twitter to other social media platforms, according to data from the latest Restaurant Social Media Index.

Ranking: 10 Restaurants Using Social Media Best

Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI) has released its top 250 social media active restaurants for the first quarter of the year. The list is made using three categories: Influence, Sentiment and Engagement. Each of these categories is put through an advanced Social Insights Algorithm that offers all brands a fair chance.

Keeping It Casual: The Casual Dining Social 100

The Casual Dining Social 100 Report lays out the Top 10 Brands with the “Best Food Sentiment.” Sentiment is broken down into three categories that resolve against tens of thousands of key words based on service, food and overall brand experience. The score is then averaged for an overall sentiment.

McDonald's takes No. 1 spot in 4Q Restaurant Social Media Index

McDonald’s jumped ahead of Starbucks to the top spot in the fourth-quarter Restaurant Social Media Index, marking the first time another brand has held the No. 1 position during all six consecutive quarters of the ranking.

Buffalo Wild Wings soars and Starbucks takes a tumble in RSMI top 10 brand rankings

Falling from its comfortable No. 1 spot for the first time in two years is Starbucks. The much-loved coffee brand’s service has consistently grown, and even rose in point scoring in Q4, but competition in the RSMI is heating up, with other large-scale brands outpacing others.

Which Are The Most Social Brands In Hospitality?

Which brands in the hospitality industry are the most social? The table below sets out the top ten from the Q4 2012 results of DigitalCoCo‘s restaurant social media index (RSMI) and shows McDonald’s edging Starbucks, followed closely by Wendy.

140M U.S. Consumers Connected To A Restaurant Brand On Social Media

The Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI) recently reported that 139.3 million unique U.S. consumers are connected to at least one restaurant brand on social media, according to fourth quarter 2012 data.

Taco Bell, Subway Score Big With Super Bowl Ads

According to a study from DigitalCoco, a social media strategy firm focused on the hospitality industry, Taco Bell and Subway kept pace with traditional Super Bowl advertisers in the soda and packaged-food industries. The firm monitored the interactions advertising brands received on their Facebook and Twitter pages during the Super Bowl, categorized them as positive, negative and neutral, and tabulated them into a sentiment score on a 1,000-basis-point scale.

The Chipotle Effect - Better Than An Organic Hoodie

The Chipotle Effect by Paul Barron, founder of, a must read for restauranteurs, is a great resource for any business. But the real value in The Chipotle Effect is what Barron has hidden subtly under the surface, which is the changing dynamic between consumer and restaurant.

Starbucks Is 'Best Loved' Food Brand On Social Media

Who do you love? On social media, the answer seems to be Starbucks. The ubiquitous coffee house chain is the "most loved" of 3,400 food and restaurant brands, according to an analysis of social media sentiment in the first half of 2012 conducted by Digital CoCo, a marketing agency.

DigitalCoCo releases the Q1 2012 Top 100 Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI) - July 2012

DigitalCoCo the innovator of the RSMI a platform developed for tracking industry trends as it relates to brands, consumers and their interaction in social media continues its development of the power platform.

Restaurant Mobile Social Consumer Trends #MoSoCo - Dec 2012

DigitalCoCo has recently extracted data from its Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI) to delve further into who today’s Mobile Social Consumer is, and how this group is engaging with — and affecting — the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Fast Casual Social 100 Report And The New Age Consumer

The $27 billion Fast Casual segment of the $632 billion restaurant industry grew at an astonishing 20.8% in 2011 over 2010, confirming that there is no slowdown in the appeal of Fast Casual to a broad range of consumers. Successful brands know they have to keep their fingers on the pulse of the Fast Casual customer’s needs, wants, and choices.

DigitalCoCo reaches largest social consumer index for the restaurant industry with more than 30 Million U.S. consumers in the RSMI. - Feb 2012

As the leading company tracking consumer actions in the restaurant and hospitality, DigitalCoCo hits a major milestone in reaching more than 30 million U.S. consumers in its Restaurant Social Media Index, RSMI. Founder Paul Barron states this index will hit 70-100 Million by 2015.