The RSMI is more than 3 years old and continues to expand its Index. Now tracking thousands of restaurant & hospitality brands, millions of restaurant prosumers engaged in social daily, and in more than 250,644 locations, the RSMI contains the world's largest accumulated social data available on the foodservice and hospitality industry. It's the go-to source for industry metrics on social media and the digital brand.

We've added two new elements to the RSMI in Q1 2013: Mobile Engagement and Location-Based Activity.

Why the RSMI matters to your brand:

  • Digital Metrics that are focused on "only" restaurant social consumers
  • Competitive analysis of social consumer actions, sentiment and engagement
  • The largest restaurant consumer business intelligence in the industry 
  • Comparable quarter over quarter real time performance measurements for social and digital brand actions
  • Identifies leading brands, markets and demographics
  • Identifies consumer and culinary trends 
  • Measures over 4 Billion Location Based Actions Annually