FDMS Session Speaker Outline

Social Slam Dunks: The Art of Real-Time Response & Opportunity

Speakers: Stacey Kane, Amrest.eu
Moderator: PENDING

Session Outline: A lot of brands think social media is strictly a place to promote and broadcast your brand, but that’s far from true. Good content, community management and engaging with your customers is key to building relationships with them and garnering brand loyalty. Real-time response allows brands to integrate themselves into current events and other relevant opportunities to humanize the brand.

Key Audience Takeaways:

  • What goes into creating your brand’s social post plan? Can you take us through that process?
  • How is your brand using real-time response and opportunities to connect with consumers on social?
  • Humanizing the brand is an important attribute on social. What are some strategies your brand implements to do this?
  • What are some specific examples of how your brand has owned it on social in regards to real-time response and opportunity?
  • How does your brand stay relevant to things like current events, pop culture trends, user-generated content, etc.? (Is it a planned-out effort, or on a whim?)

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