FDMS Session Speaker Outline

Web TV: Guest Experience for the New Generation

Speakers: Jimmy Vinicky, Community Director at Firehouse Subs; Jen Grogono, CEO/Founder of uStudio
Moderator: Jessica Bryant, Sr. Digital Brand Analyst at DigitalCoCo

Session Outline: Web TV is growing at a rapid pace and faster than any other type of consumer service offered. Cisco has even predicted that online video will be more popular than Facebook and Twitter by 2017. In this session, we dive into the dimensions of this new culture wave, highlighting the power of fragmented storytelling through Web video platforms.

Key Audience Questions & Takeaways:

  • How is your brand using Web TV?
  • Why did your brand decide to start using this platform to reach consumers?
  • How has channeling brand content through Web TV benefited your brand?
  • How can other restaurant brands use Web TV to improve innovation?
  • In relation to consumer trends, why do you think Web TV is the future?

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